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Please read before booking:


  • We require an officer tag that gives Asharhia, access to Object & Access section in ‘About Land’ information.  We leave your group after work completion. 
  • Your editing rights to move/place your prims if any in the house.
  • NO REFUNDS, unless we decide to not go further with your project, then refund is done.
  • Don’t hire Asharhia if you are in a rush. Quality requires time and right inspiration.
  • We don’t buy the buildings, so please make sure you get all buildings rezzed with rezzer out on land.
  • One (1) day before, clean your house, please, and send to Asharhia, the officer group tag, the landmark and your rights please.
  • While AshaRhia will be doing your project, please make sure to not be in the house, unless she says so, or you can place a skybox/skyland at 3000m so she can focus on her work without feeling pressured (eyes on her).                                                                                                                                

Shui Interiors takes typically 1 to 5 business  days to complete a project. Sometimes can be longer if not in the right inspiration mood. If you want her best, give her space please. Asharhia’s work speaks for itself.

If you agree with these Terms & Conditions, please fill the Contract below and submit. 



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